Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes #1


I followed the recipe by Paula Deen for her Pink lemonade layer cake the frosting I found in the cookbook, Cupcake Fun Stuff.
The cupcakes are for a goodbye party for some beautiful young ladies who will be moving away this summer .I hope they know how much they will be missed.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Elvis (cupcake)

New cupcake, Banana ,chocolate chip and peanutbutter with chocolate buttercream frosting, and banana chips and bacon garnish.Also my new cupcake carrier.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cookie burger


Thanks Giving 2009.

Clams for a picnic.

Grilling something good
Father'sDay 2010.

Popcorn cupcakes.

Baseball cupcakes

Oreo cookie frogs.

Camp fire cupcakes for
Father's Day.

These are cupcakes I have done in the past.

Easter 2011

Lady Bugs for the Memorial

Day Picnic

Triple chocolate cupcakes for Emma's 8th grade dance.

Easter 2011

To celebrate Easter I made over 100 marshmellow peeps cupcakes for the children at my church.

Cupcakes for a Luau.

Camp fire

St.Patrick's Day


Red Velvetcupcakes

Strawberry cheesecake cupcakes.

Moose head Cupcakes my husband and I made for is primary class.

The Timid Baker/Blogger.

I am starting this because so many of my family and friends asked if I had a blog .So here it is .I really just want to show that anyone if they put themselves out there they can find something they enjoy doing ,for me it is cupcakes and other fun stuff.I find ideas on other blogs, web browsing ,cookbooks,any where and everywhere I find it.