Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puzzle Piece Charm Necklace.

 Just in case you thought all I do is make cupcakes .Well normally that's what I do but I was inspired to make these after hearing a wonderful spiritual thought given by my good friend Cheryl.Some how it was just what I needed to hear.She passed out this little bag of puzzle pieces with this quote attached.
"The truth is,those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him.They will personally receive a divine portrait of the Master , although it most often comes in the form of a puzzle one piece at a time .Each individual piece may not be easily recognizable by itself; it may not be clear how it relates to the whole .Each piece helps us to see the big picture a little more clearly .Eventually after enough pieces have been put together,we recognize the grand beauty of it all .Then, looking back on our experience,we see that the Savior had indeed come to be with us --not all at once but quietly,gently almost unnoticed"  (President Uchtdorf, April 2011 General Conference)
  So as I sat looking at all these little puzzle pieces.I wondered what could I do with them ?This is the result .I hope you like them.

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